The importance of online video content cannot be overlooked, and there are many case studies on how it can help improve conversion across all points of the sales cycle – from providing information about a product or services to distancing your business from competition and closing the sale. These surveys have agreed that online video viewership is generating huge numbers and is unlikely to slow down soon. Even as far back as 2011, research by Google shows that about 170 million American Internet users have an average watch time of 14-and-a-half hours of online media content.

The numbers have multiplied over the years, and many people have indicated they watch more online video content than they read written content; this figure keeps growing day by day. Many companies are trying to realign their advertising campaigns by focusing more on the internet due to the rising increase in online video viewership. Also, case studies have shown that companies who switched from TV advertising to online marketing efforts were able to increase their brand exposure and reached new viewers that they were unable to reach using television.

This value clearly shows how online video campaigns can benefit any and every brand and their customers. Online video content can be accessed by Internet users anywhere via mobile devices and also cost less to run than traditional media campaigns. Online video content, when done correctly, is very effective for generating leads and branding advertising. Just as we stated earlier on(when done directly) online video content can be very beneficial, but this can only be achieved when the content reaches the intended target base; this can be challenging, as there is sheer amount of video floating on the web.

People are tired of dull, dry web pages full of long text, and they are no longer entertained because there has certainly been a significant mind shift in them. They prefer to be informed via a video as it has some advantages:

Video Engages the User

Video brings the whole subject to life in an engaging manner because content can be challenging to explain in text sometimes.

Search Engine Optimisation 

Search engines now display text as well as video in the search results these days. You will now be able to make your site end up being found faster especially if you have an engaging video on your website.

Social Media Content

With the recent explosion of social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, people are only too willing to share video, photos of their own as well as others content.

You need to create a high-quality video with both good sound and image. If you are used to writing quality content, then you should aim to do the same when it comes to video. Without this, your visitors will soon disappear from your site.

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