FREE emails accounts and why your business shouldn’t be using one. Junk Mailbox? Create A Professional Email Address

With the exponential increase of online users and the ever expanding free email platforms, it often means you end up scraping the barrel for usernames and get an email address that has more letters than the English alphabet, followed of course by 1234…

You may ask the question, “I am a small business, why do I need to spend money when I can just use a free email account?” and answer is simple, do you want to lose business and potential turnover? Branding is about perception, perception can lead to trust and this can mean the difference between a successful business or a business that doesn’t make it past a basic firewall.

Let’s get Technical

With free emails, you get what you paid for – nothing! So if your business uses a, or even, there is little to no customer service for free email accounts and you will also be constantly inundated with error reports, mails that go missing and the worst part for a business, emails that end up in your customers “Junk” mailbox. Which leads to the next point – perception.

Customer Perception

Junk mailbox? That’s exactly what the perception will be about your brand. Customers feel that not only does a free email address say you can’t be bothered but it leads them to believe that you might be a scam artist and it raises serious issues about your business and its credibility.

Customer perception matters and it’s starting to matter more and more. A report by Walker Customer Experience Consulting states that by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator – you don’t want to be left behind!

To avoid the proverbial email address and your brand ending up in the junk mailbox of your most important customers, get a professional, reliable email account.

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